CMTC Helps X-Ray System Manufacturer Increase Throughput and Improve Communication & Team Skills with Lean Manufacturing Training

California Manufacturing Technology Consulting® (CMTC) recently engaged with Creative Electron to deliver Lean Manufacturing Training in an effort to increase throughput and improve the organization’s teamwork and collaboration.

Since 2008, Creative Electron has manufactured digital X-ray inspection systems for a variety of industries including military, aerospace, medical device, and automotive. The company’s innovative X-ray systems reduce quality issues and improve inspections to solve commercial and industrial challenges.

Creative Electron needed assistance to increase throughput in order to keep up with production demand. CMTC recommended an approach that included training key production team members on Lean Manufacturing concepts in order to better ensure buy-in, provide the team with the knowledge and skills to continually improve and sustain gains, and begin laying the foundation for transforming into a Lean company. Creative Electron’s management team understood the critical importance of developing a Lean mindset and collaborative company culture within its workforce - all with the goal of increasing and sustaining efficiency, cost savings, and improving customer satisfaction.

From January to March 2021, CMTC provided virtual and on-site training to help Creative Electron create a Lean culture within its production team. The Lean Concepts training and implementation project was designed to improve communication and team skills and to build awareness of Lean principles and basic Lean tools. CMTC facilitated a successful implementation of improvements with input from the team.

The Lean training resulted in improved teamwork and collaboration, a more organized shop floor, and improved business and manufacturing workflows for the Creative Electron production team. Creative Electron forecasts adding two new employees, retaining 15 employees, saving $15,000 in labor costs, and avoiding unnecessary investments of $200,000 over the next 12 months.

Creative Electron’s VP of Operations Mariem Ortiz says of the experience, “CMTC was extremely helpful in setting up customized training for our manufacturing team. Having the whole team speaking the same Lean Manufacturing language has improved our communication and will help us increase efficiency.”

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