E-commerce Pioneers Christian Friedland and David Berman Launch Starlight – a New Marketplace Platform for Home Improvement Brands

Build.com founders Christian Friedland and David Berman built a billion-dollar e-commerce business before leaving in 2019 to pursue other opportunities.

After an 18-month test, they are now back to announce the formal launch of Starlight – a platform exclusively developed for and devoted to managing home improvement brands on Amazon and other online marketplaces.

Christian Friedland noted that “most major brand manufacturers conduct business across multiple channels, with each channel presenting different challenges, opportunities, and profitability. In each of those channels, partners provide expertise and experience specific to that channel”.

He added that “Amazon and other marketplaces have been the "Wild West" with many product listings offering a poor representation of the brand, with unauthorized anonymous sellers providing subpar customer service and frequently violating IMAP policies.”

David Berman describes Starlight as “the first and only value-added merchant exclusively devoted to home improvement brands on marketplaces. We have a tested and proven program that delivers brand building, price control, in-depth data insights & significantly improved profitability for our brand partners”.

He added that “with hundreds of millions of US shoppers on Amazon and 80% household penetration of Amazon Prime, it is time for brand manufacturers to recognize that Amazon and other marketplaces are a unique channel that calls for a channel partner with specific, proven expertise and experience”.

Partnering with Starlight as your marketplace channel partner is a win-win for brand manufacturers and your partners in all channels.

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