Thales to reinforce Denmark’s air surveillance and defence with five GM200 radars

October 31, 2023 - Building on the strong international NATO cooperation, as well as strategic bi-lateral defence ties between Denmark and the Netherlands, DALO signed an agreement with COMMIT for the acquisition of five Thales Ground Master 200 Multi-Mission Compact radars (GM200 MM/C).

Forces face both traditional threats and new threats such as drone warfare. Fast and early detection is key to staying one-step ahead and protecting valuable assets. Today, modern Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles (UAVs) can defy detection by traditional radar systems and adversaries can exploit the low speed and coordinated attack capabilities of these aircraft to saturate the airspace in a conflict.

Designed for modern warfare, with operational excellence and military doctrine in mind, the GM200 MM/C from the Ground Master 200 family, provides simultaneous accurate detection, tracking and classification against all current and future threats, including drones. ​ It offers radar operators with more time-on-target to gather as much information on incoming threats as possible thanks to new-generation 4D AESA technology*. The system automatically detects tracks, classifies aircraft, missiles, helicopters, multiple UAVs and RAM (Rockets, Artillery and Mortar), and is particularly suited to air surveillance, air defence and weapon locating.

In addition, the compact design of the GM200 MM/C provides ease of choice from fixed location mode to high mobility, very short deployment times and ease of transportation on any platform. It also benefits from the latest software defined radar technology, enabling future upgrades and capabilities expansion to manage the ever-evolving spectrum of changing threats and doctrines.

Thales has a long-standing expertise in every aspect of air surveillance and air defence, from drone countermeasures to ballistic missile defence: surface radars, airborne radars, command centres, communication systems and equipment, and different types of effectors.

I am very happy that we are now acquiring new, mobile radars for airspace surveillance. This is an advanced capability that the Armed Forces badly need, not least in light of the current serious political security situation”, says Lieutenant General, Kim Jesper Jørgensen, chief of the Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO).

“Cooperation is important, especially among the smaller countries in Europe. The acquisition of the GM200 MM/C is an example of how allies can help each other in strengthening their defence forces by interoperable materiel. In addition, it is an advantage that both Denmark and the Netherlands have identical configurations of the GM200 MM/C, which enables cooperation for identical future updates and support,” says Vice admiral Jan Willem Hartman, Commander at COMMIT.

This Government-to-Government contract will provide the Danish Air Force and the Dutch Armed Forces with a common radar platform for future collaboration. Thales contributes to the safety and security of military personnel and high value assets in European NATO countries and is proud to support nations in their mission for air sovereignty”, says Gerben Edelijn, CEO Thales Netherlands.

*AESA: Active Electronically Scanned Array (a unique dual axis multi-beam providing unrestricted beam steering flexibility in elevation and bearing)

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