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Valpak S.A., is an exclusive signature management and camouflage systems supplier of the Greek and Cypriot Armed Forces since 1985. The Southeastern Europe market leader in camouflage sales is also Certified and governmentally recognized for its R&D unit. The company is a pioneer in Greek antifouling production of aquaculture use. Valpak’s success in winning contracts and expanding sales globally is based on its products' performance, reliability, punctual deliveries, responsiveness and value.

Business Concept

Valpak works cooperatively and jointly with other companies to achieve the best results both technically and in terms of cost. Therefore, the Company is flexible in subcontracting and outsourcing and also capable of incorporating new ideas. Valpak is a client focused company, offering flexible and innovative solutions to meet clients’ requirements. Part of Valpak's production facilities is established in Deskati, a small town of Grevena county one of the highest unemployment areas of E.U. Valpak has pursued a policy of working closely with the local society and has chosen to support it  through the use of human and objective resources.


  • To provide innovative and focused solutions on our customers’ special needs, globally.
  • To meet the objective of continuously improving and widening the products range, to face the sophisticated technological advancements in the increased rapidly detection thread spectrum.
  • To become the preferred partner of its customers by continuously improving its products and services.
  • To enhance its family bond with the employees and business partners through fair and equitable dealings as well as constant communication.
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Valpak camouflage systems incorporate the latest technological developments and “Combat Proven” experience to confront the threats from VIS-NIR-RADAR imaging and targeting devices. Valpak considers every country and every user of camouflage systems as unique with its own needs specifications and objectives. Field surveys, excellent “Combat Proven” camouflage screens, long experience in deception techniques and training of personnel consists of a fully operational customized range of products.

In addition to these high importance parameters, Valpak camouflage screens are extremely durable as well as tolerant in extensive operational use withstanding rugged environments.  The main textile fabric specifications related to fungus, flame, water and tearing resistance are fully covered, while due to their low weight Valpak screens are deployed with exceptional ease.

Valpak state-of-the-art camouflage screens comply with all the NATO specifications as well as a lot of other unique technical descriptions edited by various military end-users. Valpak offers all the well known modern camouflage screens types such as:

  • 3 Dimensions double sides colored camouflage nets (LCSS type),
  • 3 Dimensions one side colored camouflage screens (ULCANS type),
  • 2 Dimensions camouflaged screens so called (2D type).

The above types of camouflage are ideal for concealing a wide variety of equipment like command and communication centers, missile launchers, fixed wings aircraft and helicopters, armored and artillery tactical vehicles, patrol boats and coastal ships, ground installations.


Valpak specializes in designing and producing of multi colored camouflaged soft top covers known also as tarpaulins, that provide protection from visual and near infrared reconnaissance. The multispectral properties of its camouflage screens are incorporated to the common vehicle covers adding one more cost effective tactical advantage to the camouflage techniques.

The high tenacity and durability of the best worldwide quality PVC fabric that the company is using, exceeds the operational use of five times more than the usual canvas and the low gloss developed special coating paints enhance the VIS-NIR properties providing high level protection from the visual and near infrared reconnaissance.

Camouflage pattern painted vehicles blend well with the background and can hide from optical and NIR sensors better than those painted a solid subdued color. Pattern painted tarpaulins enhance anti-detection by reducing shape, shadow and color signatures.  Valpak has already provided multi colored PVC covers for Armored Vehicles and Main Battle Tanks, as well as for various other special application covers like Field Fuel Transferable Tanks and Camp Fences (to eliminate visual transparency). NATO standards specifications are available upon request.

RDS – Rapid Deployment Shelters

Valpak develops and provides rapid deployment military shelters for use in disaster relief efforts and on the battlefield. Valpak rapid deployment inflatable tents are suitable for a variety of purposes such as field hospitals, army headquarters and command posts, mobile command centers and medical units. Armed Forces, Civil Protection, Fire Brigade, Rescue Teams are among the users of that type of shelters for numerous applications.

In the event of a natural disaster it is essential for emergency forces to set up command and control, medical and communication stations in situ very quickly. Valpak provides the most rapid deployment military shelters, available also for the aforementioned civil authorities, from unpacking to full inflation in a few minutes. The tents are fully integrated, meaning that sidewalls, roof, gables and floor are one piece. This concept uses inflatable purlins which act as arches that pull the tent’s hard PVC fabric shelter, so there is no need for additional poles or supports. A major benefit is that it requires a minimum number of persons (depending on the size of the shelter) for the deployment and installation freeing up military and emergency personnel for more pressing task operations.

The absence of an interior membrane keeps the tent lightweight more than  other inflatable units, but additional features are available such as hard flooring, insulation, lateral and emergency doors, windows, electronic climate control, computer installations and others, so that the best possible living/making conditions are achieved. Inside the shelters there are possibilities of mounting equipment such as lighting and personal effects. The tents design and anchoring system provide high stability and wind resistance.

The high pressure Air Beams used as the internal arches (low pressure are also available) replace the aluminum frames providing low volume which allow an entire base camp to be very easily transported. The shelters are fully customizable and can be interconnected.  The erection is very simple and there are no special tools required. Their maintenance is easy during field operations while repair kits are provided together with the shelters.

Signature Management


Valpak has designed, developed and produced paints and coatings that have the ability  to reflect electromagnetic waves of the infrared spectrum.


Visual and Near Infrared camouflage protection has always been important and Valpak has invested heavily in the development of metal targets surfaces camouflage paints via the colors and gloss levels of coating patterns. Its metal NIR paints are applied on various weapons systems and vehicles such as Main Battle Tanks, Missile launchers, Tactical Military Trucks, covering any landscapes coloring.


One of the most important areas of camouflage and concealment technology for a military user is the avoidance of radar detection. Reduction of Radar Cross Section (RCS) is a very complex area which Valpak covers successfully with its own developed unique Radar Absorption Coating material for all kinds of camouflage textile fabrics.

Thus Valpak cooperates directly with national Armed Forces sub-suppliers of camouflage nets, providing them with the “anti-radar” technology and coatings for updating their existing past generation technology and products.


Superguard is an antifouling coating material especially developed only for use on the aquaculture nets. It prevents gathering of algae, barnacles and hydroids on the surface of the netting cages. The prime purpose of using Antifouling coatings is to protect the net fibers from fouling with growth. This will be done accordingly with the Company's Superguard Antifouling, and it is also said to be one of the major reasons for the increased net life.

In addition it protects the fibers from the degenerative effect of sea water and UV light rays. The less need for the handling and washing of the nets due to the reduced fouling is the greatest enhancement to the net life.

The antifouling properties of Superguard are based on the partial leaching of copper oxides when the impregnated netting cage is placed into the sea water (in situ). As it is internationally proven, these copper percentages are in limited quantities as they are defined from the EU relevant directives, and do not occur any damage to the fish or the sea surrounding.

The available MSDS confirm that the chemical active ingredients are used in the limited possible and permitted level so that there would be no harmful results to the sea environment as well as the users of the Superguard.

The Superguard Antifouling must be water diluted and allows fast dry of the netting, maintaining them soft and easy for handling. It is ideal for repeated antifouling impregnations as it penetrates deeply the inner yarns of the nets.

It is available in both red and black colors. The use of Superguard Antifouling has not any waist at all as it does not stick on the wall sides and the bottom of the tanks, providing environmental and economical benefits.

The excellent quality along with the best financial offered terms and conditions have made the Superguard within only two years the best selling aquaculture antifouling in the whole Mediterranean territory. The first samples have already been tested in the Northern European seas with excellent results so far.

Valpak offers support services to customers in a multi-level approach. Starting from basic over-the-phone support, customers may select to receive expanded assistance that reaches the level of dedicating consulting and customized sales and services such as:

  • Technical assistance and know-how for establishment of new installations for impregnation.
  • Subcontracting services for antifouling impregnations in favor of antifouling users/customers

Valpak S.A.

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