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TRELLEBORG OFFSHORE NORWAY A.S., is an experienced manufacturer of rubber-based corrosion and jet fire protection systems to the offshore industry. The company manufactures corrosion and jet fire protection materials, flexible connections, thermal insulation and blast and impact protection. The protection systems are designed and supplied to match the lifetime of the client's installation.

Former Trelleborg Viking AS (in 2009 renamed to Trelleborg Offshore Norway AS)  is also the largest producer of rubber products in Norway. The company's rubber products have served the defence industry for more than 30 years.

Business Concept

To be in constant contact with the customers to identify their needs.

  • Design of products including production and installation
  • Experience and knowledge of client applications
  • Solid knowledge in the physics and chemistry of polymers


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Contact info #1

Ben Erik Jansen
+47 3 223 2100
Marketing & Business Development Manager
+47 3 223 2200
PO Box A, NO-3051, Mjondalen, Norway


Trelleborg Viking has developed a new fire-resistant damping solution, suitable for use in military platforms.

The "Firestop" is a fire resistant rubber material and is tested accordance with BS EN ISO 4589 and BS476 and Defence Standard 02-711 and 03-713.

It got Class 1 status for spread and flame and a toxicity index value of 0.5 / 100 g. The material can be applied to a range of substrates, including steel aluminium and GRP.

It can be optimised, in both formulation and geometry, to provide damping over vide range of operation temperature.

Main characteristics:

  • Fire-resistant damping materials offering broad temperature performance
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Bespoke formulation allows an optimal solution to be tailored to specific customer requirements
  • Total design, supply and support solution


ELASTOPIPE™ is Trelleborg’s patented rubber, flexible piping system providing lower cost and higher levels of safety.

ELASTOPIPE is a versatile and cost effective piping system with many unique properties. Used worldwide for more than 10 years by major international oil companies, ELASTOPIPE is proven in use.

ELASTOPIPE is used on new build projects as well as brown field upgrades, and has a design life of more than 30 years.

Product informational files


Trelleborg Viking is an experienced manufacturer of rubber pads for steel tracks, and have supplied large quantities of pads e.g. for Leopard tanks.

Historically the company has relationships with all the major manufacturers of steel tracks. By using modern rubber technology, we can develop pads to meet any specific application on any vehicle.


Fireproof and shock resistant packaging for ammunition has been an important part of the Trelleborg Viking activity.

Viking Protector is a concept for protection of explosives and weapon-systems against fire, shock and mechanical damage during handling, storage and transportation.

Main characteristics:

  • Customized designed to specifications
  • Tested and approved by leading manufacturers
  • Excellent performance for fire-resistance and mechanical protection
  • Can be made buoyant and watertight
  • Low weight, compact measures and easy to handle
  • Re-useable


Bearings can be designed and produced to any size and stiffness according to customer's specification. Calculations and design according to EN1337-3.


Trelleborg Viking AS manufactures special hoses customized to specific customer requirements, with an inner diameter of up to 420mm.


Trelleborg Viking AS manufactures moulded rubber products customised customer specifications.


Trelleborg Viking AS manufactures special sealer packings for a large range of applications in industry, shipping and the offshore oil and gas.


Trelleborg Viking has been a major supplier of rubber lining for various applications to the industry since the 1930ies.


Trelleborg Viking is supplying rubber based riser coating. The rubber provides excellent protection of the entire riser from the sea bottom to the top side.

The coating also provides outstanding protection in the splash zone.


Vikotherm™ is a solid rubber-based coating that is practically incompressible, seawater resistant, impact resistant, very good thermal insulation properties, and also provides maximum corrosion protection.

It is designed to last the life of the subsea projects (20-40 years), is maintenance free, and will normally never be replaced.


Trelleborg Viking developed the tracks for the Hägglunds BV 206 and also produces specially designed tracks for military vehicles. More than 30,000 tracks have been produced since the late seventies.


Tracks are in service for many armies around the world in both polar and tropic environments.

Trelleborg Offshore Norway A.S.

  • Johan Kocksgatan 10, P.O. Box 153, SE-231 22, Trelleborg, Norway
  • +46 (0)410 670 00
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