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Biana S.A., specializes in the production and manufacture of respiratory protection equipment including NBC gas masks, breathing apparatuses, gas suits, emergency washing and decontamination equipment, antidotes and filters for the military, navy, air force, and commercial sectors

Company's  products include:

  • Masks and filters of chemical war
  • Chemical war suits
  • Decontaminator means for chemical and biological warfare agents
  • Industrial masks and filters
  • Technical rubber parts

Miltary equipment:

  • LRSC (long range submersible carrier)
  • Drinking water supply systems
  • Long-storage-life foods and survive articles
  • Spare parts for vehicles and tanks

Non leathal technology:

  • Conventional non lethal weapons (for police use)
  • Laser and directed-energy-weapons
  • Electric control devices (taser)

The company possesses fully equipped laboratories at the fields of toxic gas sorption, particle retention and rubber technology, so for the quality control of the production, as for research intentions (measurements with mixtures of Chemical Warfare Agents).

Biana S.A. has signed a four-year contract with the Greek Armed Forces for supplying them with gas masks and filters.

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Biana S.A.

  • , Koropi, Greece
  • +30 6977293741
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