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OY Forcit AB, is the leading Finnish explosives manufacturing company, specialised in both military and civil explosives. Forcit, founded in 1893, has an extensive history and expertise, and over 70 Million Euros annual turnover. Forcit acts as a subcontracting partner in weapon system deliveries as responsible for warhead or charge deliveries.

PBX manufacturing:

Main expertise in military field is IM-PBX warhead explosives and boosters manufacturing and casting for:

- underwater warheads and charges (e.g. sea mines, heavy/light torpedoes, sea mine clearance applications and depth charges)
- engineering (e.g. mine breaching/clearance, directed fragmentation charge, plastic explosives) 
- other weapon system  applications (e.g. artillery/mortar and aviation warheads)

IM Expertise:

Forcit has 25 years of PBX development experience and its own PBX product line called FPX. Forcit has been awarded with an IM Award for technical achievements for significant contributions in research and/or engineering in the area of Insensitive Munitions in April 2006. The award was given for achieving EIDS properties for FOXIT underwater explosive. The award was granted by NATO's Munitions Safety Information Analysis Centre, MSIAC.

Forcit military products:

  • PBX Warheads and Charges - FPX V-Series (multi-purpose) (IM), FOXIT (EIDS)
  • PBX Intermediate Charges - FPX 2-Series (IM)
  • PBX Boosters - FPX 1-Series (IM)
  • Plastic Explosives PENO
  • Initiating devices e.g. detonators, detonating cords, shock-tube systems

Quality Assurance

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AQAP-120

Oy Forcit Ab

  • Forcitintie 37, P.O. Box 19, Hanko, Finland
  • +358 207 440 400
  • +358 207 440 225
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