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  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics

Mac Optic S.A., specializes in the manufacture of optical and electro-optical components for the defense and electronic industry since 1995. Mac Optic produced vision blocks (glass and acrylic) for western and eastern origin vehicles and tanks, overhauls and assemblies laser filters by the existing vision blocks, cooperates as a subcontractor for the assembling and adjusting of electro-optical components.

Mac Optic is involved in the following activities:

  • Manufacturing of vision blocks for western and eastern tanks and APCS
  • Assembling of night sight equipment (2nd, 2nd and 3rd Gen)
  • Harnesses according to mil standards
  • Assembling of thermal imaging devices
  • Germanium windows
  • Laser range finder
  • Artillery fire control system and observation system
  • Ammunition (small, infantry, mortar and artillery)
  • Anti-ballistic helmets and vests according to NATO standards
  • Upgrade to 3rd generation of t-series Russian tanks (T-55, T-62, T-72, M-84), vehicles, turrets, communication and firing control systems
  • Overhaul and services of former eastern block helicopters (mi-series, gazelle)
  • Supply of all type of military batteries
  • Logistic and quality control dering the production by manufacturer's facilities
  • Representations

Company's product list includes:

  • Vision block M-17
  • Vision block M-27
  • Vision block 6650-12-139-5160
  • Vision block 6650-12-124-8130

Company has worked on projects namely:

  • Thermal sight vision 1 Pn-79a/T fagot
  • Night sight vision III Gen for G3 rifle
  • Harness set ZG 8204 G 001

Company is NATO and National Secret Codified, registered as a free supplier of the Greek MoD and codified as free supplier by the NAMSA too. (Code Nr. XQ021)

Quality Assurance procedures are applied, based on the strictest industrial and military production standards (DIN, MIL, DEF).

Company supplies the Greek Armed Forces with spare parts for trucks, and main battle tanks and fire control systems for mortars.

Mac Optic S.A. has been quality certified to ISO 9002 and AQAP 120 standards.

Mac Optic S.A.

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