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  • Infrastructure, Construction & Civil Engineering
  • IT, Computing and Software
  • Other Aerospace, Defence and High Technology related companies
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)

Zenon S.A. is mainly active in the fields of Robotics and Informatics, providing integrated and complete IT solutions and automation products for applications such as packaging, welding, assembly, painting, grinding, data collection, quality control through machine vision etc.

Product line of the company includes sensors and control equipment, multi-robot systems, machine vision as well as specially developed software applications. Various types of projectilles are being assembled such as mortat shells, 155mm projectiles, anti tank missiles and 40mm shells.

Company's capabilities include:

Defence and Security: Zenon designs and integrates automated systems and mobile robots, manufactures precision engineering parts, systems and electro-optics, as well as develops customized Information Technology Solutions.

Automated Systems: It includes customized applications for the modernization of the defence industry, mobile robots for detection and deactivation of explosive mechanisms and mines as well as tele-operated vehicles for other unmanned applications.

Specialized automated/robotic solutions: Company has been developed for painting, grinding and assembly. Painting of Main Battle Tanks (MBT) and other heavy duty vehicles is supplied by special anti-explosive robots, in conjuction with an automated paint selection system and a beam control that allows for coverage of large surfaces as well as accurate camouflage pattern.

Future activities performed by the company include:

  • Strengthening of company?s position in Industry (robotics ? automation) and the public Sector (IT)
  • Expansion of robotics and automation activities in foreign markets
  • New product / application development capitalizing on the portfolio of technologies of the research, development and innovation department.

Zenon S.A. Research and Development Department performs research and development supportive to the company's business strategies. Its main research areas include industrial, mobile and rehabilitation robotics, industrial and building automation, telematics and software engineering.

Funds are provided both by internal as well as National and European sources including:

  • The General Secretariat of Research and Technology (Greece)
  • The European Commission Framework Programmes
  • The European Investment Bank

Clients of the company include Albion Group Inc., Almaco S.A., Astir Vitogiannis Bross S.A., Chrysovitsiotis S.A., Intech Ltd., Kms S.A., Logodata A.G.E., Pettas S.A, etc.

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Zenon S.A.

  • 17, Agiou Athanassiou Str., 19002, Peania, Attica, Greece
  • +30 210 6690900
  • +30 210 6640200
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