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  • CBRN Equipment
  • Textile, Individual Equipment, Clothing

J. Blaschke Wehrtechnik GmbH, focuses mainly in the areas of NBC chemical and environmental protection as well as camouflage:

Product and services include:
NBC protective suits: Heavy NBC and chemical protective clothing/s. Retention time against warfare agents 6 - 200 hours. For civilian use the material "Schichtbarriere 2000" has, according to ASTM and VFDB 0801, 2 - 10 times higher chemical resistance. If needed high flame resistance possible.

NBC Ventillating units: For heavy protective suits with breathing support, Power supply: disposable batteries or rechargable NC-batteries

NBC sample collecting sets: To collect probes in the contaminated terrain and safe transport to a laboratory

Casualty full/half bags: For transporting injured persons through contaminated terrain or for protection in the event of an NBC alarm, with NBC ventilating unit.

Tents (made of NBC tarpaulins): Made of standard NBC-tarpaulins or of tarpaulin "Barriere 2000" with foldable aluminium-frames.

Canister swivel connector SMK for NBC masks with center filter: This undivided knee enables the bearer to swing the filter for shooting or using optical equipment either to the right or left side. Fits to any mask with NATO-standard thread.

Other products include:

  • Windscreen camouflage for vehicles
  • Weapon camouflage systems
  • Camouflage mockbodies and dummies
  • Battlefield Camouflage Systems

J. Blaschke Wehrtechnik GmbH

  • Koppstraße 69-73, 1160, Vienna, Austria
  • +43 1 810 0909
  • +43 1 810 0909 33
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