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AVEC CHEM, specializes in the development and production of respiratory protective devices and air and water-treatment equipment.

Products include:

  • Respiratory filters
  • Collective filters
  • Protective equipment
  • Water treatment and air purifying equipment & apparatuses.

AVEC products provide protection for employees in a number of industrial areas and members of armed forces and integrated rescue systems.

All products are manufactured in accordance with valid European Standards and Specification of Manufacturer.

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Michal Filipi
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Stary Materov 124, 530 02 Pardubice, CZECH REPUBLIC


Protective filters in combination with a full-face mask, half-face mask, respirator or powered fi ltering device provide reliable protection of air passages against a wide range of harmful and highly toxic substances.

Filters are produced in full assortment with standard round threads according to EN 148-1 (Rd 40x1/7ˇ¨) or GOST 8762-75 (OZ 40x4 mm). Filter components are made of hard plastic and filters are filled with activated carbon with a suitable impregnation which ensures the capture of chemical and highly toxic substances.

Activated carbon is distinguished by an extremely large adsorption area of up to 130,000 m2 per 100 grams. The impregnation of activated carbon is based on long-term experience and requirements with regard to the fi lter type, the guarantee of long-term storage and reliable protection against substances for which a particular fi lter is used.

Particle, combined, special and NBC filters are equipped with a special hydrophobic P3 class fi lter element which has been classifi ed as P3D (D - dust) based on dust absorption capacity tests.

AVEC filters rank among top products in the category of protective devices with regard to weight, dimensions, and high efficiency. Thanks to their light weight, dimensions, high efficiency, low breathing resistance and reliability, AVEC fi lters have become very popular with both domestic and foreign users.

The filter element is made of micro-fi bre filter paper. The fibre density works like a very fine mesh which reliably captures the fi nest particles including aerosols, smoke, micro-organisms and highly-toxic particles.

Filteration is a process in which solid particles and aerosols are separated from the carrier gas air passing through the fi ne structure of filter material.

Physical Adsorption is a phenomenon in which the captured substance condensates inside the micro-porous structure of activated carbon. Molecules of the passing gas are captured in the structure of the absorption element of activated carbon.

Chemisorption is a process in which an appropriate substance or a group of substances are, using a suitable technological methours, applied to the micro-porous structure of activated carbon, which enables interactions between the captured substance and the impregnant. During a process of this type molecules of the captured harmful substance mostly condense and, consequently, react with the impregnant. Cryogenic gases such as rare gases, nitrogen and oxygen are not practically involved in such processes and, thus, having been freed of the harmful substances, easily pass through the fi lter absorption bed.
AVEC filters for protective devices are divided into five categories:

Particle filters and filter elements are made of pleated micro-fibre Class 16 filter paper. The pleated particle element fitted in the filter has an ideal capture area, low breathing resistance, and very efficiently captures a wide range of particles such as dust, aerosols, fumes, radioactive fallout, dangerous micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, spores), etc. The filter efficiency of P3 filters is up to 99.99999%.

Gas filters protect users against the harmful effects of gaseous chemical substances. The filters are filled with impregnated activated carbon. Such gasfi lters are effective against chemical substances and a group of substances with similar chemical properties. Thanks to the impregnation of the carrier (activated carbon), the gas fi lters are capable of capturing a wide range of chemical substances with various chemical properties.

Combined filters are gas filters fitted with a particle filter element and an appropriate bed of activated carbon or impregnated activated carbon. These filters therefore posse the qualities of both gas and particle filters. All types and classes of Combined filters satisfy the requirements and production technical specifications for both gas and particle filters.

Combined and gas filters usually do not provide protection against the effects of certain chemical substances with specifi c qualities such as organic substances with a boiling point below 65°C, mercury, NOx, CO, radioactive methyl iodide, etc. Special filters are produced to reliably capture such substances. Procedures and restrictions specified in the instructions for use must beobserved when using such filters.

NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical)
The highest level of upper respiratory protection requires safeguarding against CBRN agents. NBC filters provide protection against the effects of chemical substances with extreme paralyzing and lethal effects on living organisms are used. NBC filters are used by the army, police, rescue squads, civil defence, the chemical industry, health resorts, etc. Thanks to the materials used and the design of these products, the filters are suitable for long-term storage.


Protective Mask AUER 3S Basic Plus    
The 3S full face mask “Basic Plus ” is the economy model of the 3S series. Applications are in general industry, HazMat remediation and handicraft. The full face mask 3S “Basic Plus ” is designed for use with filters (filter cartridges with standard thread connector RD 40x1/7"), compressed air line breathing apparatus and turbo filtering devices.It is not approved for fire fighting (approval according to prEN 136 Cl.2 ).

Protective Mask CM4    
The protective mask CM-4, in combination with a suitable filter, protects the face and the respiration ways from the consequences of toxic gases, vapors, and aerosols, radioactive dust, and biologically harmful substances. There is a wide use for the gas mask in the civilian sector, mainly in places contaminated with industrial air pollution, with very bad-smelling substances, as well as in work with the possible occurrence of harmful vapors.

Protective Mask CM-5D    
The protective mask CM-5D, in combination with a suitable filter or a breathing apparatus, protects the face and the respiration ways against the consequences of toxic gases, vapors and aerosols, biologically harmful substances, and radioactive dust resulting from explosions of chemical weapons or from accidents resulting from facilities and devices using nuclear materials. The protective mask CM-5D is designed for personal protection in industry, in agriculture, in rescue fire brigades, for civil defense units, etc.

Protective Mask OM 90    
The protective mask OM-90 is a face mask with a strap fastening, provided with a plastics NBC filter. It perfectly protects the face, eyes and the respiration ways against toxic substances, radioactive materials, and biological combat means, which are used in the form of vapors, gases, and aerosols. The protective mask OM-90, in combination with the protective filter, has been designed to offer low resistance to breathing to furnish a high degree of protection to its user. It is characterized by appreciable compatibility with weapons systems, while retaining high observation capabilities.

Ultra Elite full-face mask
The Ultra Elite full-face mask is based on an entirely new concept of protective devices developed in a close cooperation with fire fighting and chemical industry experts. The mask is fitted with a standard round thread RD 40x1/7“ (EN 148-1). The inhalation chamber allows fitting to protective filters, powered air respirators and self contained breathing apparatuses. The Ultra Elite mask provides users with an undistorted, nearly 100% natural field of vision. The mask is available in a number of modifications.

Protective Mask AUER 3S    
The 3S full face mask,the most successful mask design in the world with over 5 millions units sold,has been upgraded.I t offers even more user comfort and value,without changing the 3S Classic style. A softer face seal, enlarged harness attachment areas, a deeper chin cup combined with the proven classic design,the MSA 3S improves its efficiency whilstremaining one of the user ’s favourite full face masks.

Protective Mask AUER ADVANTAGE
The new AUER Advantage series of full face masks sets new standards for protection and unparalleled comfort.This innovative full face mask was developed to meet the high quality standards in Europe and North America. Advantage is one of the easiest-to-use masks on the market. It solves all comfort problems and its maintenance is easy to learn. All components can be replaced without tools in a matter of seconds.

Protective Mask CM6
The CM-6 protective mask is a panoramatic full-face mask. In combination with a suitable filter canister or respiration apparatus, the mask protects the face, eyes and respiratory organs against the effects of toxic gases, vapours, aerosols, harmful biological substances, radioactive dust, etc. The mask is designed to be used in industry, chemical and nuclear branches, agriculture, mining industry, civil protection units, fire rescue units, police squads, etc.

Protective Mask COBRA
COBRA - a military protective mask used by the Hellenic Army. The face piece is designed to provide a high level of protection from the effects of poisonous substances, biological warfare agents and radioactive fallout. The mask is fitted with a drinking device.


Half Mask AVEC S-97
The half mask S-97 is an extremly safe and user friendly mask with a very easy maintenance. S-97 together with suitable type of filter reliably provide protection against many types of harmful substances.


Mouthpiece-assembly AVEC U-97    
Mouthpiece assembly U97 is made from extremly durable plastic material and silicone mouthpiece. The silicone mouthpiece is anatomic shaped and provide long term physiological endurance. In connection with suitable type of filter provides reliably protection against many types of harmful substances and hazardeous gases.

Avec Chem s.r.o.

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