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ICZ A.S., is one of the leading Czech companies in the areas of system integration on a wide range of platforms and technologies including custom application development.

The company specializes in public administration, healthcare, telecommunications, finance, logistics, industry and services. ICZ offeres services based on a wide spectrum of platforms and technologies, including custom made application development, and information protection and security projects.


This specialized branch is focused closely onto very specific and technically unique solutions. We offer complex services in the field of military air-traffic-control systems, air-command and control systems, the creation of information systems, development of tactical command and control systems and geographical informational systems as well as other highly specialized products.

One of our core focuses is on the defense sector. This is a highly demanding field that calls for specialized expertise and technically unique solutions. In answer to those demands and in line with our strategic goals in the defense sector, ICZ has completed several key acquisitions including the takeover of special information and geographical information systems specialists, defense and security solutions provider, DELINFO.  In 2008 we successfully closed the deal on the acquisition of air-traffic control systems provider, ALES, in both the Czech Republic Slovakia and the United Arab Emirates.

Thanks to our continuous expansion efforts, the ICZ Group is now capable of providing complex services in the area of air-traffic control, aviation systems, command systems, air-force management, the construction of information systems, development of operationally tactical geographic information systems and other specialized products. In addition, our activities in the defense sector include the secure handling of classified information. No less important is our work in the area of complex infrastructure solutions.


Using our successful track and experience in organic and acquisition growth to expand beyond our borders to be a top tier regional CEE ICT Company.


To provide complex IT solutions and services primarily to corporate customers from various sectors. Key target areas range  from development and implementation of infrastructure and applications to consultancy and managed services, with particular emphasis on all aspects of security.

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Petr Eisler
+420 244 100 111
+420 244 100 222
Hvezdova 1689/2a, Prague, Czech Republic


Deployment of the application, the web services or any other solution based on a specific request of the customer is always thoroughly analyses in advance in order to achieve the most efficient results possible. ICZ naturally provides the comprehensive follow-up maintenance of the system, application support, or entrusted management.

According to character of each project, ICZ also delivers technology, design and implementation of data networks, and we offer solution to information systems security and related services.


The standard company products of Business Consultancy can include:

  • Managerial Process Optimization
  • Financial Management
  • Performance Improvement
  • Organizational Hierarchy Design


The ICZ company aims to offer not only unification of all common applications, but also integration of elements of mobile technologies, e-commerce and modern forms of communication through web interface. The compnay follows the path of long-term partnership and solution of existing as well as future needs. ICZ places emphasis on sufficient flexibility, openness and scalability.



ICZ employs a top team of certified experts that are prepared to install new made-to-measure technologies in your company. Every one of them meets the very strict criteria of the developers of the appropriate products and is regularly trained. Among their advantages is also the knowledge of the environment where the software, hardware or other products are installed.


Managed services is a higher level of support. The ICZ employees take care of the subject of the administration and keep it operational and secure, alternatively doing other work as specified by the contract.

This service involves a direct solution of all security incidents and other remarkable events. Depending on the customer requests it may or may not include the maintenance of the HW.


ERP Solutions - In management of a small company, a department or even a large enterprise, topical and accurate information tends to represent the decisive factor of success. An elaborated tool – enterprise information system – is used so that acquiring of such information is not a lengthy process with an uncertain result.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management - Every business involving any activities or products has its customers. They represent a source of information which – if captured, verified and correctly evaluated in time – give us a great competitive advantage if we react quickly on it.

Logistics and Manufacturing Applications - In the area of logistics we provide a specialized system for warehouse and distribution logistics as well as data gathering from the production process.

Healthcare applications - ICZ is one of the leading companies in the Hospital Information Systems industry in the Czech Republic. From clinical information systems and PACS data imagery solutions to integrated ERP solutions, our state-of-the-art product line is internationally recognized and proven-effective.

Primavera - The system Primavera is a solution built on using one of the most powerful tools in project management. It is a top product in the field of software solutions of project management; the system stems from the best practice and recommendations of its users and in general, it covers recommendations of methodologies recognized universally (e.g. recommendations of the association PMI – Project Management Institute), and not only that. Furthermore, it provides strategic information representing the result of understanding mutual relationships among multiple projects.


Security Integration -  We view security integration as not just the supply of individual safety components or technologies. Rather, our goal is to create complex and efficient safety solutions for information and communication systems which aim to increase the performance and competitive strength of our clients.

Information Security Management System (ISMS) - With the growing strategic importance of information systems, resolving issues like availability, confidentiality and integrity of information is becoming a key management task within organizations. The Information Security Management System (ISMS) represents a fundamental approach to creating such an enterprise environment, which will ensure protection of information against threats whenever necessary.

Trusted Computing Platform - Trusted Computing Platform is a solution that extends and adjusts the infrastructure of information and communication technologies so that they provide the required degree of guarantees. By building such a base, a secure and trusted platform is created not only for contemporary information systems but also for their further development.

Identity and Access Management - Information systems save valuable information, which must be inaccessible to unauthorized persons and easy accessible to the authorized ones. Moreover the number of users within organizations who work with the ever growing number of applications and data sources has been rising. This means increasing needs, leading to the guarantee of efficient management of identities and use of high-security authentication methods.

Secure Communication Infrastructure - A safe infrastructure ensuring confidential and undisturbed communication in various environments should be the corner stone of every company using IT systems. The connection of a remote network or a mobile user should comply with the strictest security standards. When implementing solutions for its clients, ICZ always focuses on reliable security of client data as well as user-friendly access.

Classified Information - S.ICZ a.s. is a subsidiary of ICZ and has been security-screened by the National Security Authority of the Czech Republic (NBÚ) for handling classified information up to the security classification level "TOP SECRET". We offer comprehensive services in the area of classified information protection. We build architecture for information systems designed for the processing of classified data. We also develop, deploy and configure technical solutions along with system support and service. We cooperate with the NBÚ on the development, production and deployment of national cryptographic hardware and software devices.


Contact Centers -  Nowadays, the contact centers form an indivisible part of everyday communication with customers. Very often it is an entry portal to the company that creates the general impression in the eyes of the customer.

Planning and skills management  - Within current contact centers, efforts to maximally use resources and ensure the efficient operation of the contact centre can increasingly be observed. Human resources are still the most important and also most expensive factor used by contact centres for their successful operation.

Self-service portals - Self-service communication channels represent an independent, increasingly used media for communication with customers. Very often, they suitably complement contact centres, especially with regard to the variability of their use and the increasing efficiency of contact centre workers/operators.



File Service - Activities of state administration and self-government bodies is always accompanied by generating a large amount of documents, which represent all written or any other materials created or received in the course of the given organization’s operation. Upon effect of Act No. 499/2004 Sb. providing for archiving and file services the challenge has arisen how to fulfil its requirements in the most efficient manner possible. Thus how to ensure that documents delivered to offices shall be registered in a demonstrable manner, administered and executed on a timely basis by responsible employees.

Document Archiving - At present, enterprise documentation is a lively mixture of paper and electronic documents. A number of them are carriers of key know-how, others fall in the category of economic and other administrations. The need to manage their archiving, searching and eliminating has been rising with the growing amount of such documents, both from the viewpoint of legislation as well as internal needs of the given enterprise or organization.

Credible Electronic Archive - Numerous successful implementations of document administration systems have shown that advantages of working with electronic document can be transferred to everyday practice. Electronic documents allow for faster processing, have smaller demands on space and reduce demands on administration.

Electronic Forms - Volumes of data processed keep growing, demands on their quality are rising, as well – starting from the very moment when they enter the information system. Timely and efficient acquiring of quality structured data represents a fundamental prerequisite to implement the majority of processes of any organization or enterprise.

Scanning and Digitizing of Documents - Electronizing of documents has brought a lot of new opportunities and advantages to the users. Unlike the former manner of preserving company data, it offers especially increased storage security and facilitates access of individual users.

Document Management – Storage - Massive usage of electronic documents within enterprise processes has an impact almost on all information systems and enterprise applications. Together with a large increase of documents volume and the need of their controlled management and archiving, the costs are rising and the efforts needed to ensure secure and accessible storage of documents are augmenting.

Document management – circulation and security - Electronic documents open new possibilities for designing and especially implementing internal processes. Controlled circulation of electronic documents is one of the options that can significantly affect the overall efficiency of processes and thus also of the benefits of the given process for the business or organization.

Document portals and integration - Within a business or organization, many activities are ensured by applications controlling and monitoring specific processes, with a wide range of business documents. The main prerequisite of successful fulfillment of tasks arising from these activities is easy accessibility of both the applications and documentation.


Supervisory system - The presence of the supervisory system is one of the keystones of the proactive IT infrastructure management. Without proactive management it is practically impossible to ensure efficient and stable provision of IT services.

Helpdesk system - Helpdesk support system makes it possible – using an integrated interface – to provide both external and internal customers with services of the requested and warrantable quality. In the process of the provision of services it has several purposes: to document the progress of the solution, to inform the customer continuously about it, to report and to set priorities of the customer's requests, therefore optimizing the source usage.

Communication infrastructure (including integration of the voice services) - Communication infrastructure is a set of appropriate passive and active elements that create an environment for data sharing and central storing, application running, internet access and other services. It involves both classical wire and wireless Wi-Fi networks. Integration of data, voice and video into a common infrastructure brings significant operating savings and also the possibility to deploy multimedia applications that improve the employee's work efficiency and form the basis for the implementation of new services (video conferences, e-learning, CRM).

High accessibility and load balancing - Development of the Internet is characterized by increasing demands for transfer capacity and data security. In addition to performance, reliability and accessibility have become more important for all infrastructure links, communication lines, routers and servers.


Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic – Trusted Resort Computing Platform; The Trusted Computing Platform project has formed a secure platform for the Ministry of Justice resort.

SKODA AUTO a.s. – Internal Certification Authority; Design, implementation and entrusted administration of an internal certification authority.

Ceska posta, s.p. – PostSignum Certification Authority; Implementation of the public certification authority PostSignum VCA and qualified certification authority PostSignum QCA.

International Power Opatovice, a.s. – PKI Infrastructure and Chip Cards with Accessories; Building of complete public keys infrastructure (PKI) including the delivery of chip cards and their administration, elaboration of security policies etc.

Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic – ADIS Authorization Centre Building of the certification authority for Automated Tax Information System using chip cards.

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic – Authentication of Clients Accessing the www Server; Design and implementation of the authentication system of users accessing the Trade Register via the Internet.

Ceska posta, s.p. – Information Security Services; Work in the field of security management in construction of the public as well as qualified certification authority of Ceská pošta.

International Power Opatovice, a.s. – IT Environment Security Policies; Elaboration of a general security policy of information and security policy of the information system.

Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic – Proposal of the Security Policy Concept and the Information Security Management System
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic – Security Policies; Complex design and implementation of the security policy.

The Czech Republic Department of Defense - Security Documentation for IS "FADR" Certificate; The S.ICZ a.s. company completed the security documentation necessary for the "IS FADR Certificate"

The Czech Republic Department of Labor and Social Security - System for European Union Documents Distribution and Processing

The Czech Republic Department of Justice - Information System for Confidential Information Processing at the "Secret" Level; The subject of the order was delivery of the actual MSp-D system, security documetnation processing including security policy, risk analysis etc.

The Czech Republic Department of State - Information System EU Extranet Czech Republic; The project included the entire planning of the system, creation of generic regulations, and implementation of the IS EU Extranet Czech Republic system;

The Czech Republic Department of National Security - Supply, Development and Production of the National Cryptographic Devices; Development of National Cryptographic Devices hardware and software devices pursuant to the Confidential Information Protection Act.



Project SO-001 of Prague Metropolitan Authority - The e-spis application was provided to metropolitan authorities and organizations established by the Capital City of Prague in the form of outsourcing.

Stredocesky kraj (Central Bohemian Region) Regional Authority - The aim of deploying the application e-spis at the Stredoceský kraj Regional Authority consisted especially in executing the electronic file service pursuant to legal requirements, and at the same time to increase quality of the authority’s performance and provide the authority managers with efficient management tools.

E.ON a.s. - Implementation of the system e-spis for E.ON fulfils customer requirements for ensuring a demonstrable nature of record keeping and processing of documents, and at the same time for full technological and process integration with the customer’s infrastructure.

ALSTOM Power, s.r.o. - The solution for ALSTOM Power allows for administration of standard documents, record keeping, preparation and archiving concerning both purchase orders and projects as well as valid documentation passed onto the customer as part of the delivery.

Prague Metropolitan Authority - Securing of Prague Metropolitan Authority documents, which circulate within the file service e-spis, has been solved using the technology Adobe Policy Server. The documents are thus under full control even when they get outside of the system or organization – they are still subject to security rules defined within the organization.


Digitizing of Documents at Komercni pojistovna, a.s. - The solution includes mass automatic processing and digitizing of paper forms, quick transmission of the data mined into linked company applications.

Santander Consumer Finance a.s. - The aim of the solution was to implement an electronic document archive with connection to the main system of the customer and subsequent digitizing of the document archive with importing the data into electronic storage.

Liberec Metropolitan Authority - Deployment of the document management system was focused on providing administration of electronic document in the course of their life cycle and on ensuring their electronic record keeping together with their circulation and distribution control.

Alstom Power, s.r.o. - The provided solution enables the administration of standard documents (technological procedures of production, repairs or maintenance, working manuals, inspection plans, etc.), as well as filing, preparing and archiving all documentation related to a specific job or project.


ICZ a.s.

  • Na hrebenech II 1718/10, 147 00, , Prague, Czechia
  • +420 222 272 222
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