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Sure Safety (India) is a decade old company which graduated from being a trading firm to be a manufacturing entity in the last 6-7 years. The transition was gradual as lot of field work went into the process of setting up the manufacturing unit and the Testing facilities / Laboratories associated with such manufacturing.
SSIPL started with the Manufacturing of Hard Hats i.e the Industrial Safety Helmets and gradually introduced other products in the field of Industrial Safety, Fire, Rescue and Disaster management before venturing into Aerospace & Defence.
SSIPL went further and started Researching other requirements of the Industry which were either imported or a need was felt to create solutions which would help the Industry at large to increase efficacy at the same time provide effective protection against known and unknown hazards.
The second major Breakthrough came SSIPL way when the Project for developing the Engineering Model of Astronaut Crew Escape Suit came its way and the product was developed after a lengthy Study, Research and inputs from ISRO which not only paved the way for development of the Space Suit but also opened new opportunities for SSIPL as by execution of this project which called for a complete synchronising of Garmenting, Pressurised Bladder, Electronics and Pneumatics a complete new technology and capability enhancement of the Team and production process was done which led to SSIPL setting up a new garment Factory for Technical Textiles and Inflatables.
This was further enhanced to set up facility for Testing and Manufacturing of Chemical Protection / Gas tight Garments. While this was being done SSIPL also ventured into introducing import substitutes for Electric Arc Garments, Aluminised Fire Proxy suits and Chlorine leakage control kit all these were developed as a result of Field studies and understanding of the factual requirements of the Industry and sufficient tests were done with different parameters in house to offer the best acceptable solutions which met the global standards as well were cost effective and saleable.
The space suit development gave the company the opportunity to interact with DRDO organizations such as DEBEL- Bangalore, DRDE-Gwalior, DLJ-Jodhpur etc and they started venturing with them in the field of Aerospace  Defence related products starting with Evacuation Bags and Suits, PCM Jackets and Hyperbaric chamber besides the Inflatable Shelter etc. These developments are on and many a modules have been created and offered to them and the process is still on.
The company is registered as a SSI Unit eligible for participation in the Central Government Store Purchase Programme.

Sure Safety (india) Pvt. Ltd.

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