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TNO Defence, Security and Safety provides innovative contributions to the advance of comprehensive security and is a strategic partner of the Dutch Ministry of Defence to build up the defence knowledge-base. TNO employs its acquired knowledge for and together with contractors. TNO Defence, Security and Safety focuses on Defence in the broadest sense of the word and its involvement covers a range of activities: military operations, military equipment, command & control and operational decision making, threat and protection, instruction and training. In the area of Security and Safety, the emphasis lies on combating crime, calamity and terrorism.

The Company also works for the aviation and maritime sectors, markets in which its knowledge can be of good use. In terms of aviation, TNO Defence, Security and Safety concentrates largely on improving safety while for the maritime sector it focuses on naval architecture. TNO Defence, Security and Safety collaborates with the defence industry and with small and medium-sized enterprises to develop innovative solutions.

TNO Defence, Security and Safety customers include the Dutch Ministries of Defence, Home Affairs, Justice, Foreign Affairs as well as Transport, Public Works and Water Management, regional/national police forces and fire services, as well as national and international defence-related industries.

TNO Defence, Security and Safety has three research locations: The Hague, Rijswijk and Soesterberg, all in the Netherlands and employs a thousand people.


- ABDO 2006 (General Security Requirements for Defense Contracts by Dutch MoD)
- AQAP 110 (NATO)
- GLP (Good Laboratory Practice)
- ISO 9001:2008


TNO Defence, Security and Safety

  • Oude Waalsdorperweg 63, 2597 AK, The Hague, The Netherlands
  • +31 88 866 10 00
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