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Intech A.S, is a Norwegian independent consulting company offering Business Development, Project Management and Assistance as well as General Consultancy Services within the fields of Telecommunications and Media. Since the company was established in 1987 more than 250 assignments have been completed in about 40 countries.

The reference list contains several major Norwegian Companies as well as Governmental Institutions both in Norway and abroad.

The Company's employees have a thorough technical background and more than 10 years relevant experience. All employees have a security clearance issued by the Norwegian Defence Authorities.

Intech is localized at its own premises at Billingstad, Asker outside Oslo.

With more than 20 years of experience, Intech has developed tools containing methods and systems for planning follow-up and management of projects. These are based on well known methods like PMI and IPMA. The company's Quality Management System is based on ISO 9000. By use of its project execution tools and the Quality Management System the company's services are of great advantage to the clients.


Intech offers a wide range of services including:

  • Business Development,
  • Project Management and Assistance,
  • Operational Planning,
  • Procurement,
  • Regulatory Issues, and
  • Technical Specifications.

The company provides support for choice of technology based on a 100% technology neutral approach. The company's consultants have experience from several different businesses and are therefore able to use their experience in the development of its clients’ products and services.

Contact info #1

Erik Lothe
+47 66 98 33 02
Managing Director
+47 66 98 33 10
Billingstadsletta 25, NO-1375 Billingstad, Norway


Intech has long experience within the following areas:

  • Innovation
  • Planning and preparation of business cases
  • Preparation of strategy, investment analyses and investment estimates
  • Preparation of decision methods
  • Due Diligence and M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions)


Portfolio management covers “Project Portfolio Management” as well as “Product Portfolio Management”. Several activities will be involved and therefore it is very often difficult to keep a total overview. Experience and competence as well as functioning tools are required. It is of great value for many projects not only to be balanced on the criteria Return of Investment, but also on other criteria like risk, type of project, available recourses, environment, potential income and various strategic factors.

A Portfolio Management system is a useful tool to make it easier to compare various projects. The management will get access to updated overviews with analyses, making it easier to decide on priority and plans and to carry out projects in an effective way.


Unified Communications (UC) is about integration and usage of all communication forms as e-mail, voice mail, calendar, video, IM (Instant Messaging), application sharing, whiteboarding as well as publishing, distributing and storing UC related information. This includes interfacing internal company system as e.g. CRM

UC offers great advantages:

  • Reduced travel cost. A lead survey shows 20-40% travel cost reductions in addition to freeing 5 working days per employee per year
  • Enhanced efficiency and reduced fixed cost. the survey shows that in organizations where presence (status indication) is introduced, 49% of the organization on average will gain 20 minutes per by being able to reach the right person at the first attempt. This also implies that decisions get executed in a swifter manner. Information that not is easy to lookup or retrieve leads to unproductive time spent searching for the information. Utilization of other and integrated UC technologies as chat, application sharing, whiteboarding etc. leads to further cost savings with respect to travel cost and efficiency
  • More sales and faster sales cycles due to that the customers get quicker access to the right internal resources
  • Workforce mobility
  • Environmental advantages

Intech can offer:

  • Intech walks through the company's existing communications solutions, infrastructure and procedures. everything from e-mail, traditional telephony, mobile, conferencing, travel days, number of department offices, home offices, network, security/VPN, IM (Instant Messaging), video, application sharing, existing cost-base plus more is reviewed
  • Based on this walk through, special preferences and desires, Intech will make an initial report advising on recommended actions, cost savings and type of recommended solutions. More efficient communication, easy access to company information, fewer trips and fewer face-to-face meetings is cost efficient
  • If the company wants to implement the recommended actions, Intech may assist also in this phase with specifications, tenders and selection of vendor solution. Intech can further assist with installation, integration, test and launch
  • Intech offers all kind of UC advisory and corresponding consultancy services on request

Intech is an independent advisor and considers products and solutions from all vendors and accordingly can give the best and most cost efficient advices.


Intech offers the following services:

  • Development of methods for running operations (organisation, processes and procedures)
  • Preparation of operation manuals and implementation of routines
  • Re-engineering (increase of efficiency) of organisations and processes.


Intech has experience within Product Development and offers the following services:

  • Development of products and services
  • Preparation of cost estimates for products and services
  • Preparation of strategies
  • Industrialisation of products
  • Preparation of documentation
  • Market research
  • Analysis of markets, products and services
  • Sales planning


The majority of Intechs assignments are connected to projects. Intech has developed a frame work for project management. The frame work includes a set of methods and techniques for planning, follow up, and management of projects. The frame work is based on international standards like PMI and IPMA and will be a useful tool box for project managers, project owners as well as project staff.

Some of the compan's project managers are certified in accordance with PMI, IPMA and SCRUM. This assures unified understanding and approach to project management with considerable weight on experience that will benefit the customer.


The company's consultants have long experience within the various fields of acquisition and Intech has served public as well as private enterprises.

Intech's independence is related to any supplier that is able to manage or assist during the various phases of the acquisition process such as:

  • Acquisition strategy
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Knowledge to legislation and regulations
  • Preparation of commercial tender documents
  • Tender evaluation
  • Contract negotiations
  • Project follow up
  • Acceptance testing
  • Handling of the suppliers


Intechs consultants have been engaged as consultants for the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority and are therefore well known with laws and regulations in force.

The company offers the following services:

  • Application for licences
  • Evaluation of licence applications
  • Assistance in connection with disputes


The company's main activities have been within the fields of Telecommunications, Instrumentation and Media.

The company offers assistance within the following areas:

  • Mobile communications
  • Billing systems
  • Security systems
  • Broadband technology
  • Analogue and IP telephony
  • Satellite services
  • Radio and network planning
  • Commissioning
  • Testing
  • Routing

Intech A.S.

  • Billingstadsletta 25, NO 1375, Billingstad, Norway
  • +47 66 98 33 00 
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