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The SINTEF Group, is the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia. Every year, SINTEF supports the development of 2000 or so Norwegian and overseas companies via its research and development activity.

Business concept

SINTEF's goal is to contribute to wealth creation and to the sound and sustainable development of society. The company generates new knowledge and solutions for its customers, based on research and development in technology, the natural sciences, medicine and the social sciences.


Technology for a better society

In order to ensure that this research is available to society as a whole, the company also operates units whose principal activity is consulting. Also, is active in testing and certification in a number of areas, not only within the SINTEF Group itself, but also through companies in which the company has shareholders and via cooperation with other organisations. These activities make significant contributions to creating added value from the knowledge and solutions produced by its researchers.


SINTEF has approximately 2000 employees, 1300 of which are located in Trondheim and 450 in Oslo. The company also has offices in Bergen, Stavanger and Alesund, in addition to offices in Houston, Texas (USA), Skopje, Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) and a laboratory in Hirtshals (Denmark). SINTEF's head office is in Trondheim.


The SINTEF Group is structured into several research divisions, which have been defined in terms of value chains and industrial market clusters.

List of research divisions in the SINTEF Group:

  • SINTEF Building and Infrastructure
  • MARINTEK (limited company)
  • SINTEF Fishery and Aquaculture (limited company)
  • SINTEF Materials and Chemistry
  • SINTEF Energy Research (limited company)
  • SINTEF Petroleum Research (limited company)
  • SINTEF Technology and Society

SINTEF has established the limited company SINTEF Holding to manage SINTEF's ownership of start-up companies and regional development companies. The aim is to professionalise the operation of such companies and to split off its taxable activities from the core activities of its research institutes. SINTEF regards it as an important aspect of its role in society to contribute to the creation of more companies and jobs.

Contact info #1

Hans Erik Swendgaard
+47 93 45 91 03
Business Developer
+47 73 59 43 02
Strindveien 4, Trondheim, Norway


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