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Norma is a high-tech first tier supplier who designs, produces and assembles complete mechatronic systems. The core strength of Norma is in the vast experience in the field of ultra-precision operations.

With unwavering dedication to innovation and no-nonsense entrepreneurship, the company enjoys a unique position worldwide when it comes to precision machining and ultra-precision modules. The company is one of the few companies in the world that can guarantee an accuracy of (less than) one-thousandth of a millimetre.

Norma offers triple A products to triple A customers and is known as a company that persists where others would stop. We would like to inspire you as well into contacting us, so we can also make the impossible come true for customers. 

Norma is recognized with the following certificates:

  • Nadcap Heat Treating
  • AS 9100
  • AQAP 2110
  • ADS
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 15614-2
  • NEN-EN-ISO 14644-1 Class 7
  • NEN-EN-ISO 14644-1 Class 5
  • PRINCE 2
  • SPC
  • Ecabo (approved apprenticeship)
  • Kenteq (approved apprenticeship)



Norma serves major customers in the defence industry. Among other things, these customers manufacture systems aimed at recognising hostile targets, such as missiles. In this market, 100% reliability of the systems is vital. After all, people’s lives are at stake.

Norma is one of The Netherland’s largest suppliers in the field of mechatronics, able of offering the required process reliability and quality for a wide range of technologies, making it a major player in this high-tech niche market.


To satellites that are shot into space applies: “first time right”. It must be done correctly the first time, since correcting is hardly possible, if at all, after launch. Quality and process reliability are therefore of the utmost importance.

Therefore, Norma sets the highest possible quality requirements for materials, equipment and personnel, making us a leader in the use of new materials, which, in terms of weight or reliability, offer opportunities for the space industry.


Norma is a reliable and flexible supplier for machine builders in the semiconductor industry. An example of this is the production of a measurement system for wafers. Norma is a high-tech company, professional and particularly well skilled in following market movements.

Since the market for semiconductors is synonymous for cyclicity, Norma can, if desired, quickly increase or decrease output. For many of its customers, this flexibility and quality are essential.


Norma supports its clients in the optical market by accelerating and optimising technology so that answers can be searched effectively. The result contributes to discoveries that have a worldwide impact.

Norma stands for quality and reliability, and with over 50 years of experience in the field of precision machining and ultra-precision modules, assignments in which high performance is essential are in safe hands with the company.


The medical market requires high technological solutions and knowledge. This seamlessly fits the core competencies of Norma. Due to their high standard of quality and ultra-precision, the company is now the system supplier of many medical companies.

Norma invests in knowledge and equipment to serve the medical market optimally because they expect an increasing demand for complex systems and modules due to the global population growth, an ageing world population, but also because of the growing prosperity of the rich countries.


If ultra-clean requirements apply, such is the case for various semiconductor-related products, installation takes place in Norma's modern cleanroom with UCV and UHF cleaning facilities.

Norma also builds systems and modules outside the cleanroom, including for the aviation industry. As a rule, the modules and systems the company designs and builds include complex mechanical components.

System assembly

As a high-tech system supplier, Norma has several clients who are active in different market segments, including in the field of semiconductor technology. For them, the company builds machines that meet the applicable mechatronic specifications.

In addition to their assembly, Norma is capable of testing and qualifying systems and modules. Sophisticated project management and supply-chain management ensure the capability to guarantee the systems throughout their entire life cycle, from design to qualification.

Composite production & design

Where the combination of durable, lightweight yet strong is required, such as in aviation and aerospace, increasing use is made of composites. However, also for other applications composites are increasingly chosen over traditional materials.

Norma has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of engineering and manufacturing composite radomes (used in the radar industry) and enclosures. Depending on the application requirements, the company can also design and manufacture entire non-ferrous composite products.

Dip brazing & vacuum brazing

Dip Brazing, also called hard soldering of aluminium, is a particularly high-quality solution. A soldering paste or film is applied on both aluminium parts to be joined. The whole is dipped in a saline bath of 595 ºC, causing the soldering paste to become liquid and both parts to melt together.

Norma has recently taken a new high-vacuum brazing furnace into use. Due to the high vacuum, oxygen is removed from the brazing process, thus preventing corrosion. In both forms of brazing, a gas and watertight connection is created. The only difference is that a saline bath is used for dip brazing, and a vacuum furnace for vacuum brazing, while both provide a durable and high-quality result.


Norma has specific expertise in the field of connections. The company's staff and equipment are capable of ultra-precise riveting, bonding, dip brazing, vacuum brazing and joining composites. It usually involves large and complex designs that must be connected with extreme precision.

It is often necessary for the design to be manufactured water and airtight, so ultra-precision and durability are essential. Because of its very high-quality connection technologies, Norma has clients from a large variety of industries.

Knowledge and application of materials

The choice for a particular material or combination of materials is made by Norma's specially trained material technologists based on the desired application, the desired durability or the quality requirements.

Norma has ample expertise and experience with different types of steel (including hardened steel), aluminium, special alloys (such as nickel and titanium) and composites. The company's material technologists always make a well-founded selection in order to provide the client with the best possible application.

Radar frequency technology (RF)

Radar frequency technology is a special technology Norma offers. Both in terms of development and production, but also in the testing of RF-related systems such as waveguide assembly and rotary joints Norma plays a leading role in this specialist market.

Engineering and configuration management

From functional design to functioning end product, Norma can manage the entire process. The company has been doing this for over 50 years for several clients from various industries.

Norma is therefore prepared for the requirements of these industries and has set up its organisation in accordance with the corresponding quality requirements with highly trained staff, high-tech machinery and the most modern facilities. In addition, the company has developed a standard (AS9100-compliant) in order to meet all possible requirements and can offer customers tailor-made solutions.

Ultra precision machining

Norma has over 20 years of experience when it comes to precision machining and ultra-precision modules and has performed contracts for the medical, optical, semiconductor, automotive and defence industries. The company offers a wide range of possibilities; both in numbers (individual pieces but also mass production by robotic machines) and in terms of dimensions (from cubic millimetres to cubic metres).

Also the machining of various types of high-grade aluminium, platinum, titanium, magnesium, hard alloys, ceramics and mu-metal is in very good hands with Norma. Furthermore, the company has special measurement rooms for the very accurate performance of various types of measurements.

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