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INNOVATION NORWAY, offers products and services intended to help boost innovation in business and industry nationwide, foster regional development and promote Norwegian industry and Norway as a tourist destination. With offices in all counties and in more than thirty countries worldwide, it is easy to get in touch with.

According to its objects clause, Innovation Norway is to be backer and promoter of entrepreneurs, newly-founded and small and medium-sized enterprises that seek to grow, as a rule in an international market. The organisation’s role is to provide or arrange financing, link customer enterprises to know-how and help them build networks for their innovation projects. Research and development contracts are among the services Innovation Norway offers to the industry and the public sector.

The objective is to promote the development of new products, services and solutions for both the national and international market. The R&D scheme aims to stimulate innovative and challenging development projects between one or more competent suppliers and one or more demanding customers, who are committed by a mutual collaboration agreement. The demanding customer may come from either the private or public sector and the supplier is normally a small or medium-sized company.

Innovation Norway provides expert assistance in international business development and financial services, including both loans and grants, in order to reduce the risk and allow challenging development projects to get off the ground. The scheme stimulates development of new products and solutions with potential for success on international markets. The assessments of the projects for financial assistance are focusing on the level of innovation, international market potential and the ability to carry out the projects successfully.

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Kjell Arne Nielsen
+47 9 928 7311
+47 2 200 2501
PO Box 448, Sentrum N-0104, Oslo, Norway


  • To build new business relations and partnerships based on cooperation in development of new products.
  • To succeed in commercialization and marketing of new products.
  • The support from Innovation Norway shall stimulate the partnerships.

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  • IRD-projects may qualify as offset if the products or technology to be developed are covered by the Norwegian offset regulations.
  • Offset credits are based on the value of the foreign client company’s investment into the IRD-project.
  • In accordance with the offset guidelines, certain factors may be applied to the offset credits to increase the offset value.
  • The Ministry of Defence has the sole responsibility for offset approval of IRD-projects and to determine offset credits and factors.


A pre-condition for support from Innovation Norway is that the R&D collaboration have to be balanced:

  • Neither party in the contract may contribute more than 70% of project costs.
  • Neither party should carry less than 30% of project costs.

The contribution from Innovation Norway is disbursed as cash grant to the Norwegian company according to certain milestones.

Innovation Norway

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