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LOGIC ELECTRONICS, with over 7 years of experience in the area of automation, develops quality control systems, inventory tracking systems and telemetry products with the help of rigorous machine vision systems, such as cameras, lighting and computer systems and industrial robots.

The Company uses software tailored to the needs of each client that can be connected to Oracle and MySQL databases and has the support of qualified engineers specialized in the design of the best and most efficient vision systems.


LOGIC ELECTRONICS is dedicated to the development and sale of specialized equipment for the measurement, analysis, verification and monitoring of different processes, also seeking to solve the many challenges of the engineering sector that are associated with industrial automation and the manipulation of digital signals. LOGIC ELECTRONICS’ work is oriented towards the development of intelligent and economical solutions that meet customers’ business needs in an efficient manner.


Within the next years, the Company aims to be a leader in the development of quality control and traceability systems and be recognised for its effective business solutions, research culture and teamwork environment.

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Jorge Gomez
+57 4 285 9972
Manager of technology projects
+57 4 255 5944
Carrera 52 Nr 7-101, Medellin, Colombia

Reconstruction & Digitalization Services

A 3D scanner is a device that analyzes a real-world object or environment to collect data regarding its shape and possibly its appearance. The collected data can then be used to create digital, three dimensional models that are proved to be useful for a wide variety of applications.

LOGIC ELECTRONICS’ 3D scanner is the only scanner that integrates different functions into one: the acquisition of profiles by means of laser triangulation, a similar function to that of a typical 3D camera and the servo system that moves the 3D camera generating a three dimensional image. This 3D scanner does not require additional mechanisms that could raise the cost of the overall system.

Distribution, Installation & Configuration Services

LOGIC ELECTRONICS offers distribution, installation and configuration services as follows:

  • Distribution, installation and configuration of embedded computers for industrial and military use,
  • Distribution, installation and configuration of infrared, thermal and high speed cameras,
  • Distribution, installation and configuration of computers and monitors for industrial and military use.

Display & Visualization Systems

LOGIC ELECTRONICS designs and develops display and visualization systems as following:

• FLIR systems for thermal observation and identification,
• Night vision devices,
• Vision surveillance systems for land and sea surfaces,
• Head Up Display (HUD) programming and integration,
• Touch Panel Systems (UFCP),
• Programming and integration of computers and multifunction displays (CMFD),
• Human Machine Interfaces (HMI).

Some of the applications of LOGIC ELECTRONICS’ display and visualization systems are in the manufacturing, food and painting and finishing industry with the use of illumination technologies that can detect defects in the products under inspection.

Consulting Services

LOGIC ELECTRONICS, with over 7 years of experience in automation provides consultancy in engineering projects in the areas of instrumentation, control, robotics, databases and integration of enterprise resource planning systems.

FRIGOLOGIC - Traceability Systems

LOGIC ELECTRONICS has developed a system for meat traceability which is ideal for the capture and processing of information on meat to ensure the highest quality of the product.


• Quality Assurance,
• Accreditation in the production process,
• Compliance with the requirements of national and international buyers,
• Value added products,
• Protection of the domestic market,
• Competitiveness in the sector,
• Flexibility and transparency.

TECHBASE Solutions

LOGIC ELECTRONICS is an authorised distributor of computer solutions of the brand TECHBASE:

- iModCloud - Remote Management:

• Remote control and monitoring of all the devices in the customer’s premises,
• Instant data aggregation,
• Useful notification system.

- NPE X1000 - NPE Industrial Computer:

The NPE X1000 industrial computer combines the advantages of an analog and a digital interface with the power and versatility of an embedded industrial computer. The whole system can be configured and monitored by iModCloud.

• Telemetry module with remote notification functionality,
• Analog and digital inputs and outputs,
• Protocol converters,
• Data Loggers,
• Serial servers,
• GPRS/EDGE/3G Industrial modem and router,
• Web server with PHP and SQL database support,
• GPS Systems.

- Telemetry Systems:

LOGIC ELECTRONICS commercializes iModΧ1000 & iMod telemetry modules, designed for remote control and monitoring.

- mBus:

The mBus converter is a transparent converter from RS232 to MBus interface. It can be used with all devices equipped with MBus interface such as: heating energy meters, electric energy meters and data recorders, among others.

Industrial Interfaces

LOGIC ELECTRONICS is a distributor of industrial interfaces, such as:

• RS232 to RS485 Interface converters,
• Ethernet to RS-232 and RS-485 converters,
• Single-Mode Optical Fibers,
• Multi-Mode Optical Fibers,
• Mobile GPS systems.

Industrial Computers

LOGIC ELECTRONICS offers complete automation solutions for military and industrial use that are resistant to all kinds of industrial environments:

• IP66 Enclosures,
• Compact Computers,
• Medical Computers,
• Industrial CPU Boards,
• HMI Interfaces.

Product informational files


LOGIC ELECTRONICS is an authorised distributor of BECKHOFF CPU modules for digital and analogue inputs & outputs. BECKHOFF’s TwinCAT Software - PLC and Motion Control Software converts virtually any compatible PC into a real-time controller with a multi-PLC system.

POS Terminals

LOGIC ELECTRONICS commercialises Point of Sales terminals that are ideal for management tasks and retail transactions and are equipped with an easily accessible interface. The POS terminals are ideal for sales and inventory processes and can generate various reports that are proved to be very helpful for business management. The POS terminals consist of the hardware and the software (the operating system and the management program).

Core Equipment

LOGIC ELECTRONICS is equipped with specialised equipment, namely:

• Camera - Guppy F-146 - Industrial Camera Color CCD,
• CW Laser Line - K59-998 - 635nm 1mW Laser Linear IIIa,
• Lens - K59-870 - Lens 16 "mm 2 / 3",
• UV Filter - K46-095 - 330nm UV Filter,
• UV Filter - K46-096 - 340nm UV Filter,
• UV-Visible Filter - K46-630 - 370nm UV Filter,
• IR Filter - K46-096 - 830nm Infrared Filter,
• Filter holder - K54-615 - Thin 12mm Lens.

Logic Electronics

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