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  • C4I, Communication Systems
  • IT, Computing and Software
  • Maintenance Repair Overhaul and Logistics Support
  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components

IES - Ingegneria Elettronica Sistemi S.r.l. is a company formed by a group of experts in the field of telecommunications systems for professional civil and military. The professionalism, expertise and experience of its staff puts in the foreground, making it competitive in an industry in which they operate large corporations.

IES was founded in March 1990 by people with previous long work experience at companies operating in the field of civil and military telecommunications. It has, for its activities, a production facility of 1000 square meters. 4000 sqm covered and uncovered, prepared also for working shelters, and various vehicles for testing antennas.

Main activities

Design and realization of equipment and accessories in telephony field, radio to wire interface devices, navy, ground, aerial communications, data transmission (modem, keyer, wireless network). Equipment of new generation (both accordingly to internal and customer's specifications) have been realized in conformity with MIL-STD and RFI/EMI rules. All equipment are realized using the newest technologies in the field of analog and digital components, like DSP (Digital Signal Processing), Microprocessors.

IES owns several dedicated production lines, for modules and apparatus, cables and wirings and test boxes. Production may follow both internal specifications or customer’s specifications. The company's products are realized by highly skilled personnel, through specific training courses, using state of art specific tools. IES designs and makes Test Boxes for its own necessity and on demand. These test boxes are made to be used for testing and for preventive and corrective maintenance on systems, apparatus, modules and boards.

IES performs maintenance and overhaul of pylons, for fixed and rotating (Log Periodic) HF/VHF/UHF antennas. Maintenance of parabolic antennas and their semi-rigid coax supply lines and waveguides (Scientific Atlanta). Overhaul of the shelters of the NATO MEWSG NewVan fleet since 2001. The company has installed TLC equipment, systems, antennas, radio links, multiplexes, etc. Other activities are installations including buildings, setting up of laboratories with supply and preparation of workbenches for electronic working, accordingly to the present rules. IES performs laying and wiring of cables (both shielded and unshielded, coax, optical fiber, etc.) in small, medium and large sites with underground crossing.

IES performs activities of preventive and corrective maintenance on telecommunications equipment, for ground, aerial and navy use, both civilian and military. For instance: SINCGARS, PRC 434G Tadiran, all the range of ELMER avionic and ground apparatus (RT-651-1M, RT-1051, ARC-150, RT-1047), V/UHF OTE transceivers, Collins apparatus and interphonic (ICS 222); Telettra, Sunair, TRW, MDA apparatus, Kollsmann devices (radar altimeters), maintenance of any kind of shielded chambers, overhaul of HF/VHF/UHF antennas.

The high level training of IES personnel, obtained during several years of experience ‘on field’ let us gain a deep knowledge of 10kW valve transceivers and HF receivers. IES stages training courses about the use and maintenance of 10kW systems.

Professional services
IES has a great experience in modernizing the STN network for the TBT system remote management. IES is qualified for technical support in the management of telecommunication and telematic networks.

IES s.r.l.

  • Via Amedeo Nazzari 3, Padiglione Industrial zone, 00042 Anzio, Rome, Italy
  • +39 (06) 985 8563
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