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Since 1909 Lidan Marine has collected experience in creating winch and handling systems that meet customers’ specific needs. The company has specialized in demanding requirements. What they supply is typically characterized by low weight, compact solutions with high accuracy and reliability.


Within this segment Lidan Marine supplies Launch and Recovery Systems for ROVs designed for submersion down to 6 000 meters’ depth. A vast range of umbilical winches, cranes, overhead travelling systems and A-frames has been proven to be completely reliable. To increase the equipment’s accessibility in the toughest of sea conditions Lidan Marine has launched a top-of-the-line AHC technology. The company also provides winches, handling systems as well as submersible control and safety systems for the seismic industry.


Lidan Marine supplies winches for handling heavy stern and side ramps for deep sea RoRo vessels. This larger class of ships usually handles more than 2 500 car equivalent units. The customers require that the systems are equipped with constant tension technology compensating for tide, sea heave and cargo loading and unloading. Previously the winches were mostly hydraulic powered but nowadays more environmentally friendly solutions are required and therefore electric driven winches are becoming more common.


Lidan Marine is one of the world’s leading suppliers of advanced handling equipment for naval vessels. The company has focused on proving dependable multi-purpose systems that are light and compact.


Lidan Marine supplies complete hydraulic and electric handling systems. The company offers a combination of creative thinking, design resources, skills and experience. Their know-how in designing handling systems covers all major maritime areas. Typical products in this segment are Fishing winches, Spud winches, 4 and 8 point Mooring systems, Traction winches, Tension winches, Water gate winches, Windlasses, Capstans, Mooring winches and Crane hoist winches.


Lidan Marine supplies tailored winch and handling systems. Examples include high-resolution test equipment for helicopter rescue hoists and winches for heavy-vehicle test ranges with extreme speed control requirements. The company also supplies a broad range of winches for heavy-door handling including redundant safety systems.

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