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  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • Weapons & Ammunition

Holding company JSC "Scientific-Production Concern" "Mechanical Engineering" was established by the State Corporation "Rostec" in 2011. Concern "Techmash" specializes in the development and production of ammunition supplies for the combat capabilities of the main strike units of the Armed Forces.

The structure of the holding company JSC "SPC" Techmash "currently includes 48 organizations of industry of munitions and special chemicals, 47 companies belong to the military-industrial complex and included in the consolidated register of organizations of military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation. Many enterprises and research institutions that are included in the holding company have a history that spans several decades. The organization of the holding company is located in 15 regions of the Russian Federation.

Military products - The Company’s military products include: precision artillery and tank ammunition, artillery rounds for various purposes, multiple rocket launchers, unguided rockets, small-caliber ammunition, aircraft and bomb ordnance and others. Military products holding company is in service in 100 countries.

Civil products - The Company’s civil products include: industrial explosives for various purposes, means of initiation, fireworks; domestic, industrial and medical refrigeration equipment, process equipment for the Mining and mining companies; wide range of equipment for industry, agriculture and consumer goods.

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Concern "Techmash"

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