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  • Maintenance Repair Overhaul and Logistics Support
  • Ships, Vessels, Submarines & related equipment

Elefsis Shipyard - Elefsis Shipbuilding and Industrial Enterprises S.A. is a prime contractor undertaking new building, conversion, and maintenance work of naval ships, including NATO vessels. Since 1962 company specializes in spare part suppliers, specialists, freight forwarders and various services.

Company's capabilities include:

Landing Ships (LSTs): A series ships of 5 ships of length 116 metres capable of transporting 960 tons of armoured vehicles, trucks and troops, have been delivered to the Hellenic Navy.

Replenishment and Logistic Support Vessels (under construction for the Hellenic Navy). Based on a design by Fincantieri this 146m long NBC protected vessel will be capable for replenishment and fueling (RAS and FAS systems) of other Naval units at sea.

Fast Attack Craft (under construction for the Hellenic Navy). Designed by Vosper Thornycroft this series consists of three 63m long ships that will operate at 34 knots and will be capable of a multipurpose role. (patrol & search, protection of maritime approaches, support amphibious operations, shore bombardement & offensive action).

Elefsis Shipyard has delivered 5 LSTs and one RLSV for the Hellenic Navy. In the near future will deliver 5 FACs for the Hellenic Navy and is implementing the Mid-life modernization on the combattante III Fast Missile boats of the Hellenic Navy. A number of other repair and modernization works have been succesfully completed.

Shipyard has the following activities:

  • Commercial new build
  • Repairs & conversions of oil rig platforms
  • Ship repairs
  • Industrial works

New build: In 2001, Elefsis Shipyards concluded the construction of 3 LTD's, Jason class, for the Hellenic Navy. The ships can also carry 17 amphibious assault vehicles, 15 trucks, and has a heli deck.

In 2003 the company delivered the largest ship of the Hellenic Navy, Promitheus. It is a Fincantieri design and serves as the main support ship for the Hellenic Navy, offering services like refilling, medical facilities, and two helicopters.

Investment Plans: In 1997 an investment program was commenced in which one scale was aimed at upgrading existing facilities, while the other was focused at expanding the capabilities and introducing new technologies. The new technologies where mainly aimed at the Naval Programs. From 1997 more than 50 mil euro has been invested in new facilities.

Elefsis Shipyard - Elefsis Shipbuilding and Industrial Enterprises S.A. - Pictures

Elefsis Shipyard - Elefsis Shipbuilding and Industrial Enterprises S.A.

  • Elefsis Bay, Elefsina, Greece
  • 210 55 35 241, 210 55 35 441
  • +30 210 5546016
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