California approves Amplify Science for grades K-8

NEW YORK, Nov. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Amplify, a company that creates next-generation curriculum and assessment programs, announced today that its science curriculum has been approved by the California State Board of Education and can now be purchased and implemented in classrooms across the state.

Developed in partnership with UC Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of Science, Amplify Science puts students in the roles of scientists and engineers every day, engaging them in understanding and explaining compelling real-world phenomena. Educators who adopt Amplify Science receive a comprehensive curriculum complete with detailed lesson plans, embedded formative assessments, hands-on activities, digital simulations, and robust teacher supports.

Amplify Science was built from the ground up to address California's Next Generation Science Standards, as well as several California Common Core State Standards for ELA and math.The developers brought together experts in science and literacy education to ensure that the program meets the high standards set by the California Framework for Science Education.

"We are eager to begin talking to science educators across the state about our curriculum, which was created for California teachers and students by experts in California," said Steven Zavari, senior vice president and general manager, science curriculum, at Amplify. "Our pedagogy invites students to explore phenomena with the purpose of solving authentic problems. We want to create a generation of students who think like scientists and engineers, and who will become the innovators and informed citizens that California needs."

Amplify Science is currently in use by more than one million students after launching in spring 2017. In addition to being adopted in California, Amplify Science has been adopted by the New York City Department of Education, Chicago Public Schools, Denver Public Schools, San Francisco Unified, the KIPP charter network, and hundreds of districts across the country.

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