Curv Continues to Set the Standard for Digital Asset Security

NEW YORK, Sept. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Curv, the cryptography pioneer securing the digital economy, continues to enable customers to adopt, use, trade and offer digital assets with confidence through Multi-Party-Computation (MPC) protocols. Genesis, Coinhouse and iTrustCapital have joined Curv's customer base, integrating Curv into their offerings to provide a simple, distributed way to sign transactions, while protecting digital assets from cyber breaches, physical damage, and insider collusion.

Genesis, a global leader in digital currency trading and lending, has fully integrated the Curv Institutional Digital Asset Wallet Service into their operations to secure digital currencies for their institutional counterparties. Genesis is using Curv as their operational wallet to ensure secure, same-day settlement for transactions.

"Curv met our demanding security requirements," said Martin Garcia, Genesis managing director, co-head of sales and trading. "Their operational cloud-based wallet service gives us both strong security and instant availability, so our customers can confidently manage the digital currencies in their portfolios."

Coinhouse, an early pioneer in the digital asset industry, has also migrated to Curv. Founded in Paris in 2014 and now serving more than 150,000 users from across Europe, Coinhouse is a trusted partner for individuals and qualified investors looking to analyze, acquire, sell, and securely store crypto assets.

"Curv enables us to quickly and easily onboard customers and set up policies that ensure every transaction goes through a predefined approval process," said Nicolas Louvet, Coinhouse CEO. "Using Curv technology to run our hot wallets allows our team to focus on our core business, making crypto investing as simple, straightforward, and user-friendly as possible."

iTrustCapital is a digital asset trading platform that enables clients to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and physical gold, in real-time, 24/7/365, through their retirement accounts.With the IRS targeting cryptocurrency investors for not reporting their trades, iTrust users defer or eliminate taxes and have no trade reporting requirements. iTrust's transaction fee is only 1% and includes unlimited storage for a low monthly fee.

"We chose Curv because securing our client's funds is paramount," said Todd Southwick, iTrustCapital CEO. "By eliminating the private key from the transaction entirely, and relying on math instead of hardware, we ensure that no person or piece of software can make a transaction on its own."

About Curv

Curv is setting a new institutional standard for digital asset security, using revolutionary cryptography to deliver the industry's first cloud-based Institutional Digital Asset Wallet Service. Curv's unique, mathematically-secure, keyless platform gives organizations bulletproof protection, instant access, and total autonomy over digital assets. The Curv service also includes the setup, management and maintenance of the blockchain infrastructure, which simplifies the adoption of any digital asset without building or scaling the underlying IT infrastructure.

Curv is headquartered in New York with R&D offices in Tel-Aviv, Israel. For more information, please contact

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