Long-Time Pinellas County Dentists Announce Full-Service Family Dentistry in Dunedin, FL

DUNEDIN, Fla., March 3, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The dentists of Clearwater Dental Associates have announced that their newly opened Dunedin, FL location offers full-service family dentistry options for people of all ages. As dental providers in Pinellas County for over 30 years, Clearwater Dental Associates has a long history of helping patients overcome common and unique issues including cavities, tooth pain, tooth decay and emergency dental problems.

In recent years, many households have moved toward choosing a family dentist rather than separate dental providers for the children and adults. Being able to rely on a single dentist or cohesive dental team allows families to stack dentist appointment scheduling, making getting to and from visits more efficient. Plus, having all dental health records in one office location can streamline diagnosis and treatment.

Family dentistry encompasses a wide range of services including routine dental cleanings, filling cavities, digital x-rays and tooth extractions. The team of dentists at Clearwater Dental Associates also offers placement of single and full mouth dental implants at the Clearwater practice, as well as Invisalign®, crowns, bridges and laser gum disease treatment.

"We also have the support of an oral surgeon and an endodontist," says Dr. Keith Kiskaddon about his colleagues and the breadth of their combined practice, "When we have a very difficult case that comes through, it's not uncommon that two or three of us, behind the scenes, will sit down and talk about a case to give the best overall treatment plan. This allows patients to feel like this is their dental home, so they don't have to go out to other practices for specialty treatment."

Individuals looking for a family dentist to help improve their oral health by filling cavities, replacing missing teeth, or treating gum disease, can reach Clearwater Dental Associates by calling 727-797-8800 for the Clearwater, FL branch or 727-734-3321 for the Dunedin, FL location.

About the Dentists

Clearwater Dental Associates is a team of leading dentists serving patients in the Clearwater area for over 30 years. Drs. Matthew Burton, Keith Kiskaddon, Nolan Allen, Maria Hernandez, James Hayslett, and William Spencer offer comprehensive services at two locations, with offices in Clearwater and Dunedin, FL. The Clearwater facility alone holds 17 seats and over 20 team members. Clearwater Dental Associates provides the latest in dental treatments and technology, including full mouth dental implants, Invisalign®, sedation dentistry, general dental care, and an in-house lab. A patient-centered practice, each doctor and team member is dedicated to patient comfort and education. To learn more about Clearwater Dental Associates or to schedule a personalized appointment, call 727-797-8800 for the Clearwater, FL location, 727-734-3321 for the Dunedin, FL office, or visit http://www.cdadental.com.

SOURCE Clearwater Dental Associates