Austin Dental Implant Center Reopens with New Safety Guidelines, Offers Comprehensive Dental Implant Treatment

AUSTIN, Texas, June 2, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Renowned practice,Austin Dental Implant Center, welcomes new and existing patients for complete and comprehensive dental implant care in Austin, TX. With previously limited access during the novel coronavirus pandemic, these dental implant specialists are eager to reopen and provide the care their patients need to maintain a functional and healthy life. Implementing new sanitary and safety guidelines and using personal protection equipment (PPE), Austin Dental Implant Center remains the leading and trusted source for specialized dental implant treatment in the Austin area and across the country.

Austin Dental Implant Center takes a unique approach to implantology. Combining multiple specialists into one office along with the leading-edge technology they require for truly life-changing care and lasting results, they offer a tooth replacement experience hard to find elsewhere.

Using their in-house CAT-scan imaging technology, they can see an in-depth view of each patient's treatment site, improving diagnostics and surgical planning. Although only local sedation is required in most cases, hospital-grade sedation monitors are located in each room. Instead of visiting multiple offices and sending restorations to third-party labs, they offer comprehensive treatment in-house using their own dental lab. Patients can not only receive their dental implant surgery from Austin Dental Implant Center, but their final, natural-looking crowns or bridges from one team, and one location. With technology from industry-leaders like Zirkonzahn(TM) milling, and Carbon(TM) 3D printing, they digitally plan each prosthetic for an accurately and precisely crafted smile that is unique to each patient.

Beyond saving time and minimizing visits through their advanced technology and comprehensive approach to tooth replacement, the team at Austin Dental Implant Center offers high-quality care through practiced techniques. They exclusively offer the DIAsmile(TM) technique, created by their founder, Dr. Dan Holtzclaw. This same-day full mouth dental implants treatment can improve patients' bone health and oral health, and has been seen to offer lasting effects on their overall health as well. Through improved self-confidence, diet, and overall oral function, patients who receive DIAsmile(TM) or even single dental implants from the Austin Dental Implant Center, have seen long-term and life-changing results.

Dr. Holtzclaw and Dr. Juan Gonzalez are leaders in the field of implantology. With decades of combined experience, they have placed over 25,000 dental implants throughout their careers. With over 60 publications in renowned dental journals on topics including dental implants and immediate full mouth dental implant solutions, they have also given over 200 lectures at podiums across the country as well as internationally.

For the wellbeing of their patients and their staff, this team is implementing new safety measures in addition to their already thorough existing sanitary guidelines. Before and after each patient visit, they sanitize the patient room including any surfaces or equipment used. In addition, they have increased the frequency of their regular deep cleanings for each room and the entire office. They will closely monitor any changes in guidelines or recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Dental Association (ADA) as well as local and federal authorities.

To learn more about Austin Dental Implant Center, their new safety measures during COVID-19, or their unique approach to dental implant treatment in Austin, TX call 512-375-0050.

About the Practice

Austin Dental Implant Center was founded by Dr. Dan Holtzclaw, one of the world's leading authorities on full arch immediately loaded dental implant treatment. Using experience from thousands of dental implant procedures, Dr. Holtzclaw pioneered the DIAsmile(TM) implant teeth-in-a-day treatment concept, which allows patients to receive a new dental implant smile in just one day. With an in-house laboratory utilizing world-class Zirkonzahn(TM) technology, staff oral surgeons, staff prosthodontists, and experienced dental technicians, Austin Dental Implant Center is able to provide industry leading dental implant treatment in one convenient location, eliminating the need for patients to travel to multiple offices, as is required with most traditional dental offices. To learn more about the DIA Dental Implant Center advantage visit or call 512-375-0050.

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