Simple, Secure, Automatic: Manetu launches its radical new Consumer Privacy Management service

NEW YORK, April 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Manetu's Consumer Privacy Management (CPM(®)) platform is the first of its kind: An end-to-end, automated, secure, enterprise privacy management platform. It is available now as a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS). For a free demonstration or to begin a trial, contact us at

Manetu's cutting-edge platform empowers consumers to directly self-manage their personal data, including providing or revoking consent to the use of that data.

Manetu CPM(®) connects seamlessly to the data stores you already use, including SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, Outlook, Oracle and others. Additional connectors are in development, and custom connectors can be prioritized to meet specific customer needs.

Manetu's advanced machine-learning algorithms scan data-stores for personal information your enterprise holds, organizes and classifies that data, and pulls an encrypted copy of it into Manetu's highly secure control plane. All data in Manetu CPM(®) is encrypted. Manetu cannot access your data - it is a zero-knowledge platform.

All data relevant to a given consumer is then made available to them through Manetu CPM(®)'s Privacy Master portal, where they can make changes and provide or withhold consent as necessary. Manetu CPM(®) automatically transmits consumer consent information and updates back to your enterprise's data stores, eliminating costly and cumbersome manual data and consent management.

"Manetu CPM(®) radically changes privacy management for the better," said Moiz Kohari, CEO of Manetu. "It puts consumers in control of their personal data, which is the right thing to do." Kohari adds: "Manetu CPM(®) also relieves our enterprise customers of most of the complexities and expense of complying with data subject access requests and managing consent to use that data."

CPM's customers at launch include the international investment bank AGC Partners. "AGC Partners subscribes to the Manetu CPM platform to better manage sensitive information about our clients and prospects," says Paige Rand, Chief Compliance Officer. "Our use of their personal data is controlled and authorized directly by its owners and our enterprise systems automatically update to reflect their preferences and consents." By using CPM, Rand says, "AGC is showing, unequivocally, that it respects its clients and we are a thought leader in consumer privacy management."

For more information, contact: , +1 (314) 455-7063

Manetu, Inc. is the developer of Consumer Privacy Management (CPM(®)) platform, a groundbreaking software-as-a-service offering end-to-end management of consumer data privacy and consent. Manetu was founded and is led by industry veterans who have created and supported platforms that control hundreds of billions of dollars in asset movements in markets around the world.

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