Epion Health Launches Integrated Telehealth Solution

HOBOKEN, N.J., Aug. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Epion Health, a leader in digital patient engagement solutions, announces the widespread availability of its telehealth solution for mobile and desktop virtual care delivery. After a successful beta, the HIPAA-compliant telehealth solution seamlessly integrates with Epion Digital Check-In, provider EHR schedules and existing workflows to create an intuitive, easy-to-use virtual experience for patients and providers. Epion Telehealth effectively eliminates adoption barriers, drives utilization and increases patient satisfaction.

"Telehealth has become an essential part of our care management and the ongoing health and safety of our patients," said Dr. Mark Allara, vice president of Congenial Health. "We were looking for a telehealth solution that was easier to integrate into scheduling and our overall practice management workflow. Implementing Epion Telehealth has been a smooth transition and makes it easy for our staff to simultaneously manage both in-office and remote visits. By integrating with Epion Check-In and eliminating barriers through no logins or downloads, telehealth has been seamless for our patients, providers and staff."

Epion Telehealth combined with Digital Check-In mirrors the familiar in-office visit, including registration, intake and exam. Features such as split-screen and screen sharing support meaningful exam sessions. Providers can conduct the virtual consultation while working from most major EHRs without changing environments, ensuring no additional log-ins or downloads. Upstream data collection boosts practice efficiency and revenue. The web-based, end-to-end encryption and reliable video delivers a virtual consult that's secure, efficient and clear.

"The COVID-19 pandemic forced providers to adopt a telehealth solution with limited options and time to consider HIPAA compliance, EHR integration or support of existing practice management and patient workflow," said Joe Blewitt, CEO of Epion Health. "At Epion, we saw an opportunity to design a secure platform that is easy for both the patient and provider to use. Our Check-In and Telehealth platforms together create a comprehensive solution that delivers a single patient experience without any barriers that would reduce utilization or engagement. We're proud to partner with organizations like Congenial Health to innovate and develop solutions that provide an intuitive patient and provider experience, while also giving providers confidence in their virtual care delivery."

For more information, visit epionhealth.com/epion-platform/telehealth.

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Epion Health is a leader in digital patient engagement solutions that empower providers to deliver high-quality care that's convenient, accessible, efficient and profitable. Our secure, HIPAA-compliant platform makes it easy to connect with patients any time, from anywhere and at all points along the care journey. Epion's commitment to innovation and exceptional customer service has made us a top-rated, trusted partner to healthcare organizations across the nation. For more information, visit www.epionhealth.com.

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