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SPMC, has three main companies based in Saudi Arabia, namely: Saudi Paper Manufacturing Company (SPMC), Saudi Recycling Company (SRC) and Saudi Paper Converting Company (SPCC). It also runs wholly-owned paper collection and recycling operations in the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Bahrain, Jordan and Algeria. Moreover, SPMC owns the Saudi Investment and Industrial Development Company with the objective of optimizing its investment opportunities within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and worldwide.

SPMC is the largest manufacturer of tissue rolls in the Middle East, while SRC is one of the most creditable collectors and processors of waste paper for recycling in Saudi Arabia. SPCC commenced production operations in late 2005 and quickly established itself in the market of high quality tissue paper offering products under the brand names: Manadeel, Excellence, Mouchoir, Zaman, City, Pure and Weekend.

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Saudi Paper Manufacturing Company (SPMC)

  • 2598 Industrial City 2, Unit No.: 2, AD 34326-7169, Dammam, Saudi Arabia
  • 013 8123210
  • 013 8123229
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