Global Leaders In Privacy And Digital Identity To Speak At Inaugural Nonconformist Innovation Summit

SEATTLE, June 14, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Global leaders in privacy and digital identity are coming together at the inaugural Nonconformist Innovation Summit (NIS) to address key subjects including regulatory and privacy implications of COVID-19 contact tracing and exposure notification apps. NIS is a free online event and will take place on July 2nd from 9am to 5pm PST featuring speakers Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Aaron Weller, Michelle Dennedy, and others. This lineup of distinguished experts, business leaders, investors and strategists will explore trends in privacy, data protection, digital identity, and nonconformist innovation.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, analog conferences and events have been rescheduled or cancelled altogether, resulting in a growing demand for experiences outside of podcasts and other online-only media. Identity industry veteran and host of the Nonconformist Innovation Podcast, Steve Tout, saw the opportunity to evolve his podcast into something bigger. The idea has formed into NIS, a full day digital summit with previous guests of the show and other distinguished speakers in their respective fields of expertise. These legendary leaders will explore ways to create a safer world post COVID-19 with privacy enhancing technologies and privacy by design standards.

"We are reminded daily how the world around us is in chaos despite living in modern civilization with the most advanced technologies in history that the planet has ever seen," said Steve Tout. "Yet we still have devastating data breaches and a growing privacy deficit that threatens our democracy and personal freedoms."

Since the launch of the Nonconformist Innovation Podcast in early 2019, Steve has explored nonconformist innovation with his guests, including business survival skills that help business owners and technology leaders to unlock new value and differentiate their businesses to achieve greater success. Last summer, Steve interviewed NIS keynote speaker Dr. Ann Cavoukian, who is one of the world's leading privacy experts and currently acts as Executive Director of the Global Privacy & Security by Design Centre. Their discussion included topics such as the erosion of privacy, the continuous assault on our freedoms and the positive impact that Privacy by Design is having on the effectiveness of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and digital trust across the globe.

The world has seen a dramatic spike in the use of contact tracing and notification applications with worrisome privacy implications and the potential for abuse. As a keynote speaker, Dr. Cavoukian will discuss her views, experiences, and recommendations on this topic. "We must remain vigilant to ensure that our privacy, which forms the foundation of our freedom, remains firmly intact after the COVID-19 pandemic has ended," said Cavoukian. "There is presently such a push for tracking and surveillance in pursuit of public health, that it must be held firmly in its tracks -- it cannot come at the expense of privacy -- never! We must reject zero-sum, either/or models, in favour of positive-sum, win/win models that result in multiple positive gains!"

Privacy by Design, GDPR and the recently enacted California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) are all a great start towards building privacy enhancing technologies and safer online experiences. Yet, most organizations will struggle to implement proper safeguards and allocate resources needed to truly be effective. Emerging privacy technologies enable organizations to satisfy their compliance obligations and business objectives, while introducing a privacy management layer that measures, monitors, and manages data value, privacy and security considerations. Aaron Weller, former PwC Managing Director and co-founder of Sentinel is also scheduled to give a keynote at NIS and share how taking a broader view of privacy can help organizations close the gap between regulations, frameworks, execution and compliance.

"Too many organizations see privacy as a legal compliance issue rather than a path to consistent management of constraints on data usage," said Weller. "My experience shows that taking a broader view of the issue leads to much better outcomes. I'm looking forward to providing some insights on what I've learned from this approach."

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Date: July 2nd, 2020
Time: 9:00 AM PST - 5:00 PM PST
Cost: Free
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About Steve Tout

Steve is obsessed with helping businesses by delivering disruptive insights, reducing risk and enabling digital transformation through nonconformist innovation and strategy. For over 18 years he has worked in a variety of roles ranging from business development, product management and enterprise architecture to cloud security and global IT operations at some of the world's largest companies in telecommunications, financial services, high tech and Big 4 consulting. Steve is currently an independent advisor and host of the Nonconformist Innovation Podcast.

About the Global Privacy & Security By Design Centre

The Global Privacy & Security by Design Centre is intended to marry privacy AND security into all endeavours. We must abandon dated zero-sum paradigms, where only one interest may gain, always at the expense of another interest which must lose. This either/or, win/lose approach is a loss-leader. Replace it with a positive-sum, win/win approach that results in multiple gains and in the process, gain a competitive advantage!

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Sentinel is a privacy technology and consulting firm built around a Culture of Privacy approach that helps organizations gain value from personal information in a way that respects individuals while driving innovation. Their privacy confidence platform, Ethos, that provides a single pane of glass for privacy leaders to manage their programs is available for general release now.

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